Tanja Wranik

Tanja is a global leadership professional with over twenty years of experience in organizational and leadership development. She started her career lobbying for corporate interests in Brussels, primarily in the domains of consumer products and information technology, before obtaining a scholarship to pursue a doctoral degree. During this time she specialized in social and emotional competences and behavioral finance while working at the Swiss Center for the Affective Sciences and Yale University. Since 2004, she has been providing consulting services in the domains of human capital strategy design and implementation, organizational and team development, and talent management. Moreover, she creates and implements programs for senior and middle managers to help them develop authentic, adaptive leadership styles and social and emotional skills.

Tanja has extensive teaching and training experience at the individual, group, and organizational level. At the individual level, she works with senior decision-makers, preparing them for new leadership roles or helping them translate business intelligence into concrete workflow strategies and human capital initiatives. At the group level, she provides experts from different fields or cultures with the tools to develop a common language and collaborate more effectively or to optimize group decision-making processes using insights from behavioral finance and economics. At the organizational level, she has designed learning and development programs to support cultural change initiatives. Recent projects in banking and finance involved mergers and new business models, and in chemical and pharmaceutical sciences involved new leadership and the integration of technology into common work processes. Her clients are primarily multinational corporations in the following sectors: banking and financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, engineering, IT, luxury goods.

Tanja has lived, worked and studied in several European countries and North American cities. She obtained her degrees in Work and Organizational Psychology at Bucknell University, USA, University of Geneva, Switzerland, and Yale University, USA and her degrees in Business and Management from Ludwig-Maximilians Universität, Germany, and the European Business School, Belgium.