A personalized coaching program is a unique opportunity for individuals and teams to reflect upon current practices, develop specific strategies and skills, and prepare for the future.

Possible coaching goals:

  • Leadership, authenticity, strategic vision, business intelligence
  • Project management, planning, organization
  • Communication, collaboration, constructive relationships, conflict management
  • Decision-making, problem solving, behavioral finance, behavioral economics
  • Negotiation, political skills, persuasion, influence, visibility
  • Self-management, emotional competence, stress management

Basic coaching process:

  • Observation or assessment to determine baseline values of critical skills, values, and preferences
  • Translate personal action plan into measurable and attainable goals
  • Define an appropriate coaching timeframe in collaboration with stakeholders
  • Conduct individual or team development coaching sessions
  • Determine specific tasks and challenges between sessions to experiment new skills and integrate ideas into the workplace
  • Develop a systemic vision and a problem solving methodology to deal with strategic corporate issues, business development, and complex relationships
  • Respond to urgent problems throughout the coaching process
  • Ensure that goals are met within the defined timeframe
  • Provide information and documentation for further development