Workplace Health Promotion

Many common health and safely problems, and the costs associated with them (e.g., absenteeism, loss of productivity, accidents, stress, conflicts), can be prevented or minimized with awareness, measurement, and targeted strategic interventions.

Human Capital Risk Audit

An external audit allows you to identify your unique risks and opportunities and ensure you develop a meaningful proactive workplace health promotion strategy and roadmap.

Integrated Workplace Health Promotion Strategy

Your workplace health promotion strategy and roadmap should be integrated with your overall organizational and business strategy. Most important, accountability for workplace health and safely needs to le ensured by team leaders.

Create Awareness

Team leaders should fully understand the workplace health promotion strategy and the key prevention components it entails. Lack of knowledge and skills in preventing common risks associated with stress, conflicts, health, and accidents are at the heart of many unnecessary costs and distress.

Professional Support at the Team, Department, and Organizational level

Professional coaching, team development, or group workshops (e.g., habit labs), can support organizations as they become proactive in managing their health and safety. These interventions must be pragmatic and practical and tailored to the needs of the department or team.

Measure Impact

Ideally, your workplace health promotion strategy should include leading indicators and be accompanied by a personalized health check tool. Regular external measurement and monitoring provides valuable feedback and helps you build confidence within the organization as you progress on your journey to proactive workplace health promotion.